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I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post. See more details here. But when it comes to charting my cycle for Natural Family...

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You must go back to calendar to change days and sometimes you have to swipe in the opposite direction than I would expect. Information Seller Lawson Culver. Did you try it?? If desired, you can set up reminders through the app, too. I think that everyone could benefit from any type of charting. There is no calendar view. Glow — I love this app!

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Allows one free month of NFP Charting. There is no support for the Sympto-Thermal method. Would like to see dates descending instead of ascending after hitting the "view all" button. To see the current month you have to scroll all the way to the bottom.

Use this for charting Creighton but it works fine. My biggest complaint is the file it emails. Please have it send a pdf or any printable file. This app makes charting so convenient. Although it's for the Billings Method, I have found it to fit my needs. I like that it's simple and to the point. This app is not for couples trying to chart without instructions.

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But when it comes to charting my cycle for Natural Family Planning, I like to also have a electronic version of my chart. This is generally fine, but I like having that easy glance. Allows one free month of NFP Charting. How to Get Started Series! It allows me to track a wide variety of symptoms, keep everything in one place, and easily share my charts with my online, FAM friends if I have a question.

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Creighton model charting online dating

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But stress does much more than shift the expected date of your next cycle. Charting my fertility using the Creighton model of NFP helped me. The app gives date, cycle number, and cycle date...