Is it bad to hook up with your best friends ex - I hooked up with my friend’s ex

However, if you are friends with somebody, and you hook up with their ex, you have just put your friendship in...

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They've both told me things that make it clear they shouldn't be together.

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How you break the news is completely up to you. Make out your friend is probably usual to be upset and it might take its toll on your friendship for a while, but if you two are really good friends, they intention look beyond the fact that the woman you care approximately is their ex, see her as the person who hatchs you happiest, and be jubilant for you. On a individual level I have a emphatic enough bond and complete antagonistic tastes of my best adherent so I have never revive close to even fantasizing nearby hooking up with an ex-boyfriend of hers.

Do you the lie or the truth? The lie is that you are a free agent when single and whomever you decide to lay your eyes on can be yours. The really is that the decision to choose a romantic conquest in excess of a friendship is something that will impact all parties affected.

Even if your best lover were to give you the pass, assuming there is a discussion there will be an uncomfortable level of tension in the air for a itty-bitty. So the real question is- Are you prepared to forbear one relationship for another?

Exes are that for a rationality and if anyone has caused any discomfort or pain to a friend of mine, they are pretty much dismissed. Tiptoeing around and loving in secretively are better left for fiction novels, prime time television and rich folks with money and time to burn. We can think this through, debate, pitch it up and flip it but you will never grasp unless you actually make the move, and I know some of you will- YOLO?

You In Danger Girl! They've both told me things that make it clear they shouldn't be together. Space might be best for everyone. Vito June 22, How do I tell her? We chat at 1 p.

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Would You Ever Hook Up with Your Best Friend’s Ex? – PLEASE SHUT UP

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