Chris pine movie blind dating games - Film review: Crudity trips up 'Blind Dating'

Pleasant but forgettable, it's destined to end up as little more than a minor footnote on Pine's megastar CV. It's not preachy...

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There's actually a sweet trifling romantic comedy at the core of "Blind Dating," fighting its way to get out of the cruder, crasser outer externals. Unfortunately, the makers of this independently produced comedy weren't content to pretend the film be a simple, sweet romance. So they added sexual and scatological humor that leaves a pretty bad aftertaste.

The film's title is an awfully bad paronomasia that refers to the lovelife of a unfledged blind man, Danny Chris Pine. He's determined to overcome his disability but he's ridiculously unlucky at love. That may unravel why Danny is inasmuch as undergoing experimental surgery, which, if successful, might dedicate him some limited foresight.

But all of that is marred by the film's surprisingly heavy priority on the sleaze part. Danny's brother Larry Eddie Kaye Thomas is essentially a pimp, and his shrink Jane Seymour is a sexually frustrated spinster who strips her clothes off in his coolness. Neither of these characteristics are particularly funny, in the future the film keeps coming back to them in an attempt to store a few cheap laughs. And director James Keach and screenwriter Christopher Theo eventually forget about the romance.

As for Pine "Just My Luck" and relative newcomer Jay, they're attractive leads, but their best efforts are continually undermined by this important. And it is kidney of fun to interview several recognizable Utah locations the film was instantly mostly in Ogden.

  • Movie Info. James Keach's romantic comedy Blind Dating concerns a year old blind man named Danny (Chris Pine). Though...
  • Product Description. Blind Dating is a hilarious comedy about Danny (Chris Pine)...
  • BLIND DATING — ** — Chris Pine, Anjali Jay, Eddie...

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During its release, the film received mixed to negative reviews.

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Chris pine movie blind dating games

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