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The LGBT community or GLBT community , also referred to as the gay community , is a loosely defined grouping of lesbian , gay , bisexual...

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That may be so, although it does not prove what Gallagher seeks to prove. Societal understandings of parenthood have been undergoing revision for a variety of reasons, including not only the use of assisted reproductive technologies but also the increase in the numbers of individuals adopting children. I also understand that sex sells. In a recent Advocate interview Massachusetts Senator and Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry told reporter Chris Bull that, despite his otherwise strong support for gay rights, he could not bring himself to support gay marriage.

Procreation has nothing to do with my argument. Gays, like everyone else, can take steps to minimize risks in their lives.



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Just because people can and do use their sexual organs to procreate, it does not follow that they should not use them for other purposes.

LGBT communities may organize themselves into, or support, movements for civil rights promoting LGBT rights in various places around the world. Kerry had it right when he said that articles of faith ought not to be legislated. He makes a number of telling points explaining why the arguments upon which his opponents rely are circular or are over- or under-inclusive, e.

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Academic fields and discourse. There is a third question that must be asked:. He has gay fans. And insofar as they share that assumption, both sides are wrong. Insofar as being gay within a heterosexist culture sharpens our focus on such inequalities and pressures us to confront them, it is not merely a challenge but a blessing. The two movements have much in common politically.

After all, no one on either side denies that most Americans currently oppose gay marriage.

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  2. And now we watch the crime rate climb since abortion was directly responsible for a dramatic drop in the crime rate

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