The importance of affection in a relationship - 7 little ways to show affection to your partner, because every little bit of love counts

One of the many issues that my clients — and couples in particular — present with are related to the experience of touching and...

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When working with couples, I frequently check-in with them about the presence of affection in their relationship. I want to know, how frequently do they hug, kiss, hold hands, or make an affectionate gesture towards one another. In strained relationships, it is not uncommon to hear that there is little to no affection between partners.

Common reasons that keep partners from engaging in physical and verbal affection include: All of these reasons for avoiding affection can make sense in a given relationship, but withthe research about the importance of affection ina relationship, this reasoning may be short-sighted.

Do you remember when you first met your partner? Recall those powerful feelings, that excitement of wondering when he or she would grab your hand. And when it finally happened, it usually did not disappoint, did it? Research has found that holding hands affects both our brains and our physical well-being, and our relationships. Oxytocin is responsible for increasing feelings of compassion, trust, and generosity, while decreasing fear and anxiety.

Pretty remarkable what such a simple and instinctual behavior can do.

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Our focus here is on the positive benefits, which leads us to the next topic. When you begin a new relationship, you work at showing the other person how much you care about their well-being or about their happiness. So the more you verbally tell your partner that you care for them, it will stick with them and make them feel secure in the relationship.

Researchers have found that adults who fail to receive regular and consistent human touch are susceptible to developing depression and anxiety disorders.

I want to know, how frequently do they hug, kiss, hold hands, or make an affectionate gesture towards one another.

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  • When working with couples, I frequently check-in with them.
  • Affection is the proverbial glue that holds our different relationships together. Giving affection can...
  • Affection (or more accurately, showing affection) is an important part of any loving...
  • The Importance Of Affection - Chicago Woman magazine

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