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It's a Micro World after all is a blog dedicated to discussing pretty much whatever I feel like. When I delve into scientific matters it will primarily be discussing microbiology agricultural, bioenergy, and environmental focus. Otherwise, I'll probably ramble on about sports and life.

My posts are presented as opinion and commentary and do not represent the views of LabSpaces Productions, LLC, my employer, or my educational institution. If you can't wait - check out what I've been tweeting. Quid Pro Quo I'm more than happy to show link-love to anyone who wants to link to this blog. Just contact me at the email address found in my banner and I'll reciprocate by adding your blog to my own blogroll.

Here he talks about Mars and the potential for life thereon. As promised, this entry will discuss astrobiology, and in particular the potential for life on Mars. I've done some Research Blogging on the issue of life on Mars before , on a paper which drew on extremophile life on Earth and then proposed that similar "putative Martian oases" could exist which harbor similar life forms ed note: As such, this paper is outside my area of expertise, but should be an exciting read and hopefully expand the knowledge base of people who likewise are not astronomers but enjoy space talk at the lay level like myself.

The first commonly held hypothesis is that the early martian climate was more earth-like, being much warmer and much wetter than it currently is. The second hypothesis is that distinct, localized in both space and time events in the otherwise cold and dry Mars were enough to produce liquid water.

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Is it always wrong when a married man flirts with other women?

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If you busy in a giant metropolis it devise earthly be cute measure unpretentious to look to fit an individual.

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  1. They're not called the liberal and radical feminist points of view, they're the TERF and non TERF points of view.

  2. I've been guilty of the rapid fire interview questions. I was nervous as hell because it was a blind date and she was smoking hot!

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