She wears oversized pantyhose - 'Wear Pantyhose' And Other Dated Fashion Rules Our Moms Taught Us

Whenever winter rolls around, celebrities exhibit superhero immunity to the cold , baring legs, midriff, and arms in the midst of a white-out....

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Michelle Obama doesn't wear pantyhose -- ever. Did you learn that you should never leave the house without your nylons? What other fashion traditions are you clinging to that may be different today than when you learned them? For instance, you don't have to be matchy-matchy shoes match the bag, matches the jewelry, etc. You can mix brown and black -- and even navy and criminal.

Winter white has made wearing white after Labour Day accurately acceptable. It is completely OK to mix gold and lustrous. And red lipstick during the day is very common for the time being. Yes, the rules have changed. Unless your company has a strict dress code, the rules about what is appropriate and what isn't have changed finished the years.

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Roberts gave her little red dress a cool-girl twist with a sheer black Wolford pair with etched lines at the ankle, no less and fierce Coach leopard-print booties. Roberts stuck with classic black tights, styling them with a velvet black dress, a leather-sleeve embroidered jacket, and bow-topped pumps.

Winter white has made wearing white after Labour Day perfectly acceptable. I realize that although the rules have changed, there are still many people who judge, so I took away the opportunity for anyone to judge me although I did just tell you about it.

She's just being Miley!

Selena Gomez , for one, completed her two-tone ribbed sweater dress with a black opaque pair that she gamely styled with open-toe sandals, while Emma Roberts added flair to her little red dress with sheer Wolford hose etched with lines at the ankle, no less and leopard-print Coach booties. Winter white has made wearing white after Labour Day perfectly acceptable.

Roberts gave her little red dress a cool-girl twist with a sheer black Wolford pair with etched lines at the ankle, no less and fierce Coach leopard-print booties. Nearly everyone was quite opinionated about what is "correct," though. I think it's far more important to look at the situation, and the way a particular item of clothing looks on your body.

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