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Finding the best in worship music is not always easy. In this article, we aim to seek out the best new worship songs for...

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Our Genius — Maranatha! Blessed Be Your Head — Maranatha!

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Living Hope holds variety, beauty and depth that speaks to the soul. Through music, visuals, and a short text to meditate on, we hope that this will allow you to stop, breathe and start your week refreshed. Holy Is The Lord — Maranatha! Our God — Maranatha! Shout to the Lord — Maranatha!

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You may also be interested in: Here I Am to Worship — Maranatha! Do you know any background info about this album? A new version of Last. The long drawn-out synths help to create space for meaningful worship, in both times of personal reflection or corporate settings.

Finding the best in worship music is not always easy. Worship It is not the first time we have featured this song - we also recommended it in our Easter playlist.

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